Lunch changes by Government to fight obesity

Troy Dickens, Staff Reporter

Obesity is a fight the government has been trying to win throughout the last decade. In an effort, the cafeteria started a new dot system. The dot system is designed to be an easy system for all students to use for lunch. Fruit is red, green is vegetable, yellow is grain, purple is protein, blue is milk.

“The dot-system has changed nothing to the meal deal. You still need an entree, fruit vegetable and milk to get it,” cafeteria worker Marilyn Murray said. “The dot system is used to help students learn what they are eating.”

Portion sizes and meal deals have changed throughout schools in the United States according to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

“This Hunger-Free Kids Act helps transform school food environment in order to promote better nutrition and reduce obesity,” United States Education Association said.

The federal government researched that most kids, when they go home, do not get the chance to have a good nutritious meal.

“To combat childhood obesity, the federal government has decided to control what students eat in the lunchroom and the portion sizes of the foods they make us serve,” Murray said.

Senior Katie Lipke checks the new meal deal choices. Photo by Jordan Bickett