French club enjoys crepes

French club enjoys crepes

Sarah Al-Arshani, Journalism Student

French Club members will be traveling to France this year for their foreign exchange program as well as many different activities.

“I’m very excited to go,” junior Sally Wolf said.

Last year French exchange students visited FHS and attending events such as prom.

Although it is exciting for French Club participants going to France this year, other members are looking forward to many of the cultural events that French Club offers.

“ French Club is all about food and games,” junior Emily Feicke said.

A majority of French Club members attended the crepe party, the first club activity on September 13.  Many would say it was their favorite because people to relax and enjoy the traditional French cuisine.

“ My favorite French club activity would have to be the crepe party,” junior Ashlee Greene said.

Many are also looking forward to the December Secret Santa Activity, where French Club members anonymously exchange gifts.

“ The strangest gifts I’ve ever received from French club was a sock filled with beans and a yoyo,” Feicke said.

A new activity will be added to the club this Nov.  Now participants will have the chance to participate in a murder mystery. Contact Madam Dahnya Chop in room A111 for more information.