History department gains new teacher

Alexis Edenfield, Business Manager

Being a new social studies teacher, Adam Nelson becomes a part of our staff while bringing a new light in the view of social studies.Working at Warren Central for 10 years, Nelson decided to change his working environment.“I wanted to work at a school that has a more academic environment that I wanted to experience, so I changed schools,” Nelson said

While working at Warren Central Nelson enjoyed listening to the schools radio as he prepared for his classes each day.

“Coming from Warren Central, I really liked that they had a radio station. Now I want to see if this school can have one too,” Nelson said.

If anyone is interested Nelson says he would like to see if some of the media students can come up with a radio station in the near future.

Graduating from Ball State with both his masters and business degrees. Nelson uses his degrees everyday to aim for his goal.

“[My goal] this year is to have all of my students to leave my class enjoying the subjects I teach,” says Nelson.