Infamous has more fame than infamy


Troy Dickens

Music: it inspires and can also lead to success. Recently local band Infamous is moving its way into the music industry, as a mix of rock and heavy metal.

Infamous has many influences for their music such as Guns n’ Roses and, a more recent band, A Day To Remember.

Since forming in March 2010, the band has been practicing their performance since August of 2011. Freshman Adam Anderson plays bass guitar and does lead vocals, freshman Jon Iosue plays lead guitar, sophomore Jack Rainbolt plays rhythm guitar, and freshman Drew Johnson plays drums.

”I recently saw Infamous in concert and they were amazing.” junior Aleah Mench said. “The way they got the whole audience moving was spectacular.”

Infamous had an EP ,extended play, release show at Studio 37 on East 126th street on Sept. 22. The show included bands like Don’t Call it A Comeback, When All Hope Fails, and Dead Ringers. Over 100 people attended the release. Many of the band members were surprised people came from all over to see them play.

“It was cool to see the audience dance and move around to our music,” Johnson said. “It was even better seeing people buy our CD’s and other accessories.”