Teacher brings foreign experience to the language department

Hannah Eli, Staff Reporter

New Spanish teacher Julie Tobias has had an unconventional first eight years of teaching. The Manchester college graduate originally had Spanish as her second major and planned to go into social work-knowing both English and Spanish would enable her to reach a larger group of people.Her perspective changed when she lived in Mexico for a year and studied at the college level. She met her husband during this time, and the Spanish language gained a whole new dimension. While her husband studied law, Tobias found a new passion.

“When we moved back with his parents in Mexico , I ended up teaching English and found that I really enjoyed teaching,” she said.

Once the two were out of college, they decided to move back to Indiana. Moving was more difficult for her husband, whose family had a stable life in their home country.

“It was definitely a move to be closer to my family, but he’s found his career up here,” Tobias said of her husband’s experience.

Tobias has taught in Indiana since she moved back to the United States. She currently teaches first and second year regular Spanish as well as second year honors. So far, she says, she’s enjoyed teaching here.

“It’s great. There are a lot of great people to learn from, and a lot of great ideas,” she said of her colleagues.