Another year with Brain Game in the air


Alexis Edenfield, Business Manager

When the school was re-established in 2006 math teacher John Drozd and social studies teacher Deborah Hejl began the first Quiz Bowl in the school. Now in 2012  spanish teacher Patrick McDaniel is the sponsor for Quiz Bowl for the second year. The team aims to place higher this year in the coming up competition.
“Last year we did very well. I would like the Quiz Bowl team to do better this year as well but I would still be happy if we made the same placement we did the previous year,” McDaniel said.

At practice the team is quizzed on everything. From history, science, math, music, literature, to geographical landmarks.

“This being my second year on Quiz Bowl showed how much of an academic sport this team is and while I am on the team it helps me memorize and recognize words in my classes to practice,”  senior Hannah Alveal said.

Not only does Quiz Bowl help the 19 members in their classes from day to day. It also gets students to meet new people within the team.

“There aren’t really any cliques within our team. Maybe at first but as the year continues on they dissolve. Eventually making everyone to get to know each other,” both seniors Usama Kamran and Tom Lunik said.

On Saturday night at 7pm on October 27th, 2012 the quiz bowl was selected to go to Brain Game and compete against other Quiz Bowl teams from different schools all around the state. Going to WTHR studios to participate in the game, the students met Chris Wright who is apart of the SkyTrak Weather Team on Channel 13. More episodes of the game is on the weather station website Being in the studio itself gets everyone nervous and excited for the game especially McDaniel.

“In the beginning I get so much into the game that I do not realize how well the Quiz Bowl is doing,” McDaniel said.

During the week the Quiz Bowl team meets in McDaniel’s room A102 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm.