Leaders for Fishers

Hailey Rennier, Leaders for Fishers

Leaders for Fishers

Leaders for Fishers teaches students how to give back to the community and many valuable leadership traits. The club was started only a year ago, and the number of students has grown from 40 to 117. English teacher Kyle Goodwin, the club’s founder and sponsor, explains the point of the club.

“The meaning of the club is threefold,” Goodwin said.

First, the main point of the club is to provide unity at the school.  During these meetings, they brainstorm on ways to promote that unity.

Secondly, the members of the club find ways to volunteer, and give back to the Fishers community what they receive, at residents here.

Lastly, the group fund raises money to send more kids every summer, to a leadership camp in Colorado. Senior Nate Quellhorst joined Goodwin on the trip this past summer.

“We learned a lot, I do not want to give too much away for anyone who has not been and plans to go, but the camp really changed people’s lives and gives you an excellent mindset to follow the things you have a passion for,” Quellhorst said.

If interested in joining Leaders for Fishers and getting involved, see Goodwin in A202. They meet every two weeks at 6:30 a.m.