Putting the Riley Dance Marathon together with the club

Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

Sponsored by Purdue, the Riley Dance Marathon Club coordinates and holds fundraisers at FHS including events such as the All Treats, No Tricks held in October and the traditional Riley Dance Marathon held in March.All the donations made from the Riley fundraisers go to the Riley Children’s Hospital which helps pay for kids’ operations and other medical services.“The kids don’t get turned down if they don’t have insurance, so they are able to go through expensive operations through the donations that are made from this organization,” senior chair of Riley Dance Marathon Club Brittany Stankavich said.

Anybody is welcome and can still join. Meetings are usually on Thursday or Friday mornings at 7:15, in room C106. Stankavich often sends Reminder 101s, a text message system the school uses. Contact Brittany Stankavich, Chrissie Sturgill sponsor of the Riley Dance Marathon Club, or anyone else in the committee for more information.