Signs Speak Louder Than Words

Miranda Lyons, Cartoonist/ Reporter

ASL (American Sign Language) Club uses more than just signs and gestures to communicate. It weaves together a variety of activities to better understand deaf culture.

ASL teacher Heather Berry has taught ASL for the past five years and has run the ASL Club for the past four. As a language that cannot be heard to interpret tone or emotion, ASL uses different techniques such as facial expressions to convey emotion instead.

“We’re using our bodies to communicate. It’s more than just our hands,” Berry said.

Silent dinners are a unique highlight of the club. Silent dinners are like any typical group dinner at a restaurant but with one rule; talking is prohibited. For the entire dinner, members can only use sign language to communicate between everyone including waiters.

Their most recent dinner was two weeks ago at O’Charley’s. For their next dinner date, the club plans to invite HSE ASL club members along with them.

The next club event is on December 7 and Berry plans on taking the club to Miller’s Merry Manor, a retirement home, to sign Christmas carols as there are currently nine deaf residents there.

Sofia Mansur 17, joined ASL club this year and enjoys the activities the club does within the community and for the community.

“I’m really excited about [the one on] Friday because I’m going to actually get to meet people and interact with them,” said Mansur.