People Celebrate Black History Month

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

Black History Month begins in February. This is a month in which African-Americans and many other people can celebrate the accomplishments of their race.
“Black History Month gives me a lot of pride. I am very happy to think about the accomplishments that the people of my race have achieved over many years,” senior DeAndre Louis said.This month is celebrated in many ways. Teachers give lessons about famous African-Americans, libraries showcase works of African-Americans and several cities have some celebrations related to the achievements of African-Americans.During this month, people will celebrate the lives of several famous people influential in Black History. Some of these people include Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X; they all fought for the rights of African-Americans.“This month is more than just recognizing which African-American did what; it is also about being proud to be black,” Louis said.