Poetry Slam becomes a new Mudsock award


Natalie Lueung, Staff Reporter

Every year FHS and HSE compete for a traditional Mudsock award for a variety of categories like sports, soccer, baseball and tennis. The First Mudsock Poetry Slam took place in the Black Box Theatre, April 29. There was no cost for this event. According to sophomore Selani Thomas there were about 28 contestants.

“You kinda got to see a different side of everyone, and you are kind of surprised about what people have to say,” said Thomas. “I like that poetry is like a way to get feelings and perspectives out there without being judged.”

Aside from winning the Mudsock award for the school the student attends, winners got a $50 Amazon gift card and a sock Monkey. The top two from each school were junior Nicole Deardoff and sophomore Hannah Eli from FHS and Umaymah Mohammad and Angelo Bautista from HSE.

Next year the Poetry Slam will take place at HSE becoming a yearly tradition.