Students brace for summer school

Students brace for summer school

Luka Skudrzik, Reporter

Indiana Online Academy offers a summer school program that allows students to take several courses to free up a schedule, retake a class and for many other reasons. Some classes include Algebra I and II, a variety of AP classes, American Sign, English and several others.

To sign up for summer school, students should talk to a counselor to decide what course to take and then register online with IOA ( These classes vary in length; PE tends to take less time to complete than an academic class.

Sessions begin June 10 and go until July 25. The students are given 16 weeks to complete the course.

“It depends on how proactive the student is. If they slack or procrastinate, it takes much longer,” guidance counselor Kelly Applegate said.

Most of the courses can be taken at the student’s own pace; it does not have to be accessed everyday. It all depends on the student for how long they take.

Summer classes are payed for by the school which saves the student $275. Students attending schools in different locations must pay for these summer courses because the school does not have allocated funds for it as FHS does.

“Overall, as I get more feedback, it is popular because it is flexible and because of the cost; it is a good, affordable option,” Applegate said.