Lee Banitt induces chemistry in new classroom


Ryan Ahler, Copy Editor

Former research chemist Lee Banitt is now teaching chemistry at FHS for 2013-14. He attended  St. Olaf’s college and went to

8-30-13 Mr. Banitt - Maas

graduate school at Colorado State. After college Banitt worked as a stable isotope salesman and later became a research chemist and spent 16 years working for various pharmaceutical companies, making new molecules.

“I live in Fishers and my wife teaches here at Fishers, so we are on the same schedule and we are two and a half miles from our house so it is very convenient,” Banitt said.

He eventually switched from the lab to the classroom, and has spent the last six years teaching at Tipton high school and then at Zionsville High School. Banitt is teaching both chemistry 1 and honors chemistry classes.

“I moved here because I know that Fishers is a good school, with high expectations and high rigor” Banitt said.