Students build future technology through Robotic’s Club


Stephanie Amador, Reporter

robotics_allen3_9:9Robotics Club is back this year in science teacher Daniel Mach’s room B216 from roughly 3 to 4 pm. This club is about coming together bringing ideas, working on electronics, programming and any aspect of technology which involves creating a robot. This after school  activity  helps anyone who is interested in improving skills such as leadership and teamwork according to senior Ryan Sharkey.

Robotics club teaches physics, math, programing, mechanical and aspects of electronics. The team competes against other teams of Indiana or even outside of Indiana to do challenges, such as having a robot score a soccer goal or shoot a basketball. This year the goal is to create a robot that can throw frisbees into goals.

“We meet two to three times a week, for an hour and half,” Sharkey said.“Once the season starts and as the game gets more competitive we’re going to meet five times a week; we’re like an athletic team but for robotics.”

On October 19 is when they have their first competition of the year which is called Cage Match. They trained all summer with Carmel’s robotics team working on all the basic aspects of technology.

“Our biggest goal is to make it to the Boilermakers Regionals with a robot that’s competitive to be one step ahead of every other rookie team and say that we set our minds to it and get to that more advance level with the work that we put in,” senior Elizabeth Butterfield.