HSE graduate Kelsey Robertson teaches at FHS


Maria Pavy , Reporter

Ms. Robertson OnlineHSE high school graduate Kelsey Robertson is a new teacher at FHS. Robertson teaches etymology, English 11 and English 10 for the high school.

A Purdue University alumni, she grew up around Purdue because of her family, and, according to Robertson, has always loved the university. Originally wanting to be a doctor, she eventually decided to change her education to English education because she found it to be her passion, more so than being a doctor. Working with high school kids being something enjoyable to her, she wants to be able to be a mentor and help them appreciate English the way she does.

When not teaching in the classroom, she is an assistant coach for the girls soccer team, and coaches 8-year-olds in soccer. Hiking and being with her friends and family is also something valuable to her.

Competition between the two schools is also an aspect she loves watching.

“It’s kind of fun; I like HSE because I went there, but it’s fun to see when we do better than them, or when we beat them in sports,” Robertson said, “It’s kind of fun to beat my old school.”

Having graduated from high school within the past ten yers, Robertson can relate to students who are in the district. Advice can be given as to what kind of attitude high schoolers should have while they are here.

“Enjoy it while you’re here because it goes by really fast, and make sure you’re doing what you are supposed to do, and just enjoy it,” Robertson said.