Reading Tigers Program takes off

Sierra Solis, Reporter

High school students can now interact and read with students attending Sand Creek Elementary School through the Reading Tigers program, sponsored by librarian Renee Isom.

  “The Reading Tigers program is a program that we started this year with high school volunteers walking across the street to Sand Creek Elementary to read to third and fourth graders,” Isom said.

  Teachers have recommended specific third and fourth graders to be read with. Those elementary school students are then paired up with a high school student. Overall, there are about 35 students involved in the Reading Tigers program this year.

  “It’s a great group. We’ve had a great start to this year…,” Isom said.

  Isom is looking forward to observing the learning experience and growth the students will get out of the program and believes it will help both sides of the partnerships.

  “…I know that those kids could benefit from role models of reading, so I’m very excited to see how this benefits both groups actually,” Isom said.

  Reading Tigers is similar to the cadet teaching program in that it gives high school students a chance to help elementary school students learn. Also, it provides for an experience similar to that of a teacher, giving both students a chance to have fun in a learning environment.

  The program is open to any students at FHS that want to do volunteer work, enjoy reading and that just want to help brighten the elementary students’ day. The group meets every Tuesday right after school. More information on joining the program can be found from Isom in the media center.

  “It’s the excitement about reading that you see from the high schoolers excited to read to the fourth graders and the fourth graders so excited to have a high schooler come to just hang out with them,” Isom said.