SMaRT periods changing for the month of October

Natalie Lueung, Editor-in-Chief

The HSE school board of administration has required that schools take the Gallup Survey for students, grades 5-12. This survey asks for students’ perspectives and opinions about how much they acknowledge their school environment. This also gives administration and the school more data to see how they can improve.

“It’s always a good thing to get a glimpse at how a student perceives about their day and how we (teachers and administration) perceive. You just learn things by asking,” assistant principal Ryan Taylor said. “I look forward to seeing the results from that perspective.”

SMaRT periods are usually held on a Monday after third period, but this schedule has changed for just the month of October because the Gallup Survey does not let students take it on Mondays. 54 minute SMaRT periods are being held on Tuesdays with one grade at a time scheduled to computer labs, each week of October, to take this survey.

54 min SMaRT period schedule:

Period 1 7:35-8:15

Period 2 8:22-9:02

Period 3 9:09-9:49

SMaRT Period 9:56-10:50

A Lunch

10:50-11:20 Lunch

11:27-12:20 PD 4

12:27-1:20 PD 5

Periods 4 & 5 11:13-1:43

B Lunch

10:50-11:20 PD 4

11:20-11:50 Lunch

11:57-12:20 PD 4

12:27-1:20 PD 5

C Lunch

10:50-11:50 PD 4

11:50-12:20 Lunch

12:27-1:20 PD 5

D Lunch

10:57-11:50 PD 4

11:57-12:50 PD 5

12:50-1:20 Lunch

Period 6 1:27-2:07

Period 7 2:14-2:55

October SMaRT Sched color.

 Other scheduled events for October

Nine Weeks Exam Schedule:

Monday, October 7


Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Wednesday, October 9



Thursday, October 10

Social Studies


Friday, October 11


World Language

PSAT/PLAN Schedule:

Wednesday, October 16

Grades 9-11

2 hour delay schedule; testing in the morning, classes resuming fourth period