Spirit week dress-up days overview

Spirit week dress-up days overview


Smarty-pants Day (Sept. 23)



1.     Junior Ben Tritch dresses up for nerd day; he carries around his old guitar hero game and wears broken glasses, “I don’t usually dress up, but this year I really wanted to,” Tritch said.

2.     Junior Julia Brunnemer dresses up as a nerd for Smarty-pants Day, “Nerd day is always so fun, even though we do it every year,” Brunnemer said.

Tacky Tourist Day (Sept. 24)



3.     “This was one of my favorite spirit days, I liked it because it was new to the school,” junior SierraHicks said.

4. Sophomore Claire Cassidy and senior Ben Shuler both take a different perspective on being a tackytourist. Shuler wears a Hawaiian grass skirt, while Cassidy wants to look like she is going on a safari.


5. Freshmen Zane Jud and Grace Valasko dress up for tacky tourist day. “I loved this spirit day, it was really fun to go all out and be tacky,” Valasko said.

Senior Citizen Day (Sept 25)


6. Juniors Bailie Baker and Tessa Arnold dress as senior citizens for spirit week, “This was the funniest spirit day I’ve ever taken part in; I loved it so much,” Arnold said.

Throwback Day (Sept 26)


107. Junior Eric Garcia gets groovy for throwback Thursday; he wears flip-flops, a fro, and a beard to really set the tone for this decade.

8. Juniors Ben Tritch and Sierra Hicks interpret Danny and Sandy from the movie “Grease”, both are wearing wigs for a more playful aspect to the them.

9. Poodle skirts and neckties give junior Jamie Brimbury the 1950’s look that she craves on this years Throwback Thursday.