Alice in Wonderland with a twist


Stephanie Amador, Reporter

DSC_0066A children’s play “Alice in Wonderland” was performed on Sept. 21 in the black box theater; it had a whole new perspective and setting compared to the original story line. Characters such as the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter were not shown.

New characters appeared. “Rock” who was played by junior Chris Jennings and two guards who were played by sophomore Josh Hall and sophomore Deming Morrison replace the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter.

“It is so great because it’s a children show, and you can be super animated with it,” said junior Lindsey Hrinowich, plays as a brown woodpecker. “It was so different from what i’ve done before.”

Junior Natalie Jacobs, who played Alice, and sophomore Erin Losin, who plays her mother, argued about how her feet were asleep and was scared that her feet were going to fall off. Advising Alice to hang from her feet and be prepared for dinner, she goes out and falls asleep under a tree. Alice wakes up from the tree and finds a screaming rabbit after pulling on his tail.

Alice is introduced to some flowers who are played by juniors Gene’ Milton, Rachel Roberts and Haley Clasen,who only take things the wrong way. Fatty Cat is played by junior Jonathan Young, who tries to hint to Alice what her next step is. She takes a rests against a rock who happens to talk. Rock makes the children and the actors laugh when he says his lines.

“Sometimes I wish I was backstage, because the lines are really funny and it would be easier for me to smile and laugh.” said Milton

Alice also meets three, woodpeckers who are played by junior Olivia Ranz, Hrinowich and freshman Claire Vahary. Alice tries to save a tree from the woodpeckers eating it. After Alice notices that Rock does have feelings too, she tries to sway them away from rock and lead them in a different direction.


Suddenly Guard One ,Josh Hall, and Guard Two, Deming Morrison, are pointing bananas at Alice saying she has broken so many rules and that she must be arrested. As Alice is being taken away she meets the screaming rabbit once again. The screaming rabbit gives Alice a riddle in order for her to go home. She has at least a minute to figure it out and as Alice talks out loud to herself she finally figures out the riddle. However, she was too late, the guards take her away and the scene goes black.

Alice wakes up and she is still under the tree and her mother finds her. At the end of the show the actors and actresses dance with the children and take pictures with them. At the end of the play all the children left with smiling faces.