Nine week exams return to FHS

Nine week exams return to FHS

Luka Skudrzik, Reporter

The school will go through with conducting nine week exams. Even though students are not big fans of these tests, there is a purpose to them.

Extended periods for week 3, 8, 10

These exams are an assessment of what students have learned and what they understand so far. This helps teachers decide what to focus on, reteach or revisit before the final exams, which are worth 20 percent of a student’s grade.

“[The nine week exams] are pretty important,” assistant principal Valerie Piehl said. “They are used in some cases to find out where students are struggling before the semester exam.”

Recently, FHS has converted to longer days in order to make up for lost school days. This extra time was added to whole periods. However, during the week of these exams, the days will remain longer, but the time will be spread across all class periods instead of just being added on to one period as printed on the new schedules. The exam schedule is made by administrators.

“We rotate each semester which departments are on which day, so that different departments have their exam earlier in the week or later in the week,” Piehl said. “There is not a complicated formula for it. It is just a rotation from semester to semester.”

Monday March 17: SMaRT period – junior convocation with PM bell schedule.

Tuesday March 18: Science, PE/Health/FACS

Wednesday March 19: English, Visual Arts, Performing Arts

Thursday March 20: Mathematics, World Language

Friday March 21: Social Studies, Business