Past food vending machines removed


Lizzie Brown

Lizzie Brown- Over the summer, the food vending machines in front of cafeteria B were removed due to new USDA nutritional guidelines, which mandate that schools offer healthier food choices during the school day. New vending machines will arrive in early September that contain healthier options and meet the new guidelines.

“The inventory will likely be a variation of various baked chips and nutri-grain bars to begin with,” assisstant principal Ryan Taylor said.

The new vending machines will also be connected to the school’s Wi-Fi, allowing the vending company to receive real-time information on which items are selling and which aren’t.

“This will enable the vending company to make adjustments in the offerings very quickly to meet the demands of the students,” said Taylor.

Not all students are pleased with the replacement.

“I really like the cinnamon buns in the vending machines and I’m really upset that they’re no longer available,” sophomore Ioni Tcholakova said.

Read more about the new USDA guidelines here and here.vending machines