Addition to the staff Alex Smith teaches at his old high school


Science teacher Mr. Smith joins staff at FHS.

Madi Calvert, Reporter

Madi Calvert- Alex Smith, a new teacher in the science department whose classes include biology and honors biology, is excited about working at the same high school he attended, since he grew up in Fishers.

“I was a student here and came back to teach here, and from both perspectives, from being a student to a teacher, it’s been awesome all around,” Smith said.

Besides FHS, where he completed his student teaching, he has only taught at one other school, Riverside Junior High, for two months. He didn’t decide that he wanted to be a teacher until his junior year of college, while getting degrees in biology and neuroscience.

He attended college at Indiana University, because it was where a lot of people in his family went, so he was very familiar with it and liked the campus and culture there.

“I worked in a lab for a few years, and after that I decided that lab work wasn’t for me, so I did a transition to teaching program where people with degrees in science can learn how to teach,” Smith said.

In his free time, Smith enjoys cycling, and often builds and repairs his own bikes for fun along with restoring older bikes. After he’s finished working on them, he rides them around town.

Science teacher Mr. Smith joins staff at FHS.
Science teacher Mr. Smith joins staff at FHS.