Guidance Blog: What’s new in November

Guidance Blog: Whats new in November

Luka Skudrzik, Copy Editor

Luka Skudrzik- For the guidance staff, and for students, November is a busy month. From student meetings to college and scholarship applications, there is a lot of information that needs to get out about guidance.

Currently, the scheduled meetings for freshman are wrapping up. Now, counselors begin to prepare for meeting with sophomores and juniors to talk about their four-year scheduling and plans. This also includes information about the new additions to the building.

“We’re really ramping up to learn more about the college and career academy, so we are trying to get that figured out,” guidance counselor Kelly Applegate said.

Along with these meetings, deadlines for colleges and scholarships are fast approaching. To find scholarships, students should look on the school website or Naviance.

“Seniors should have hopefully done a college application at this point; if not, they need to see their guidance counselor very soon. We can help them out with that process,” Applegate said.

Counselors are also available to talk to seniors who have been wait-listed; they are ready to talk to students and give them advice as to what to do next.

“It’s really important for kids to be self-advocates. If they need information, there are lots of resources and tools and people who want to help them out. You can’t just sit back and wait for good things to happen,” Applegate said.