Tod Ulrey joins the math department

Madi Calvert, Reporter

Madi Calvert– The new math teacher Tod Ulrey has taught in almost ten different high schools after receiving his diploma at Ball State University.

“I chose it for their teaching program, and also it was far enough away from my home that I felt like I could get away,” Ulrey said.

Growing up in Greencastle on the west side of Indianapolis, he wanted to have some independence from his family.

He enjoys boating, sports (especially the Colts) and spending time with his family and friends.

FHS is Ulrey’s ninth high school, and he has taught all around the country before recently returning to Fishers.

“I’ve taught schools in Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Nebraska, Minnesota, Maryland and a little in North Carolina, too,” Ulrey said. He likes to travel, and enjoys teaching different groups of kids.

Among teaching Algebra 1, Algebra Enrichment and Geometry, Ulrey also serves as the coach of JV girls basketball, who just started their season.Mr.Urley copy