Castleton brawl opens the eyes of shoppers


Rebekah Hern– Castleton Square Mall is a place to hang out on the weekends where people can go shop, eat or see a movie. After what happened after the new year, this could all change.

On Jan. 3rd, a fight broke out at Castletown Square Mall. A majority-teen group rallied into a larger group and started yelling. Fox News reported that almost three-hundred teens were involved.  Alarms started going off in the AMC movie theater to tell the people to evacuate.

“We were sitting there and the show was about to start when the alarms went off. We thought it was a fire alarm, but some people weren’t leaving the theater. We waited and then a lady came in and yelled at us to leave and that it was an evacuation, ” junior Megan Graves said.

When police showed up to break up the conflict, people got in the cars and left. No one was hurt in the incident.

“I freaked out, and we left and sat in the car because of how bad the traffic was,” Graves said.

Castleton Mall already has rules about adult supervision in place. The mall has reported that it will add extra security after this altercation.IMG_4230 copy