Pacers Sports Media Panel


Pacers panelists have discussion. Photo by- Natalie Lueung

Natalie Lueung- On Wed. March 4, the IHSPA organized a field trip to downtown Indianapolis for publications all around Indiana to attend a Pacers Sports Media Panel.

The event included a pre-panel workshop with IndyStar columnist Curt Cavin. He taught the students press conference procedures, interviewing techniques, efficient note-taking, how to record and writing stories, leads, angles and quotes.

After the workshop Pacers director of corporate communications Eddie White introduced the panelists which was followed by a question and answer. The panelists were IndyStar sports columnist Gregg Doyle, Pacers television play-by-play announcer Chris Denari, Pacers television analyst Quinn Buckner and Pacers radio play-by-play broadcaster Mark Boyle.

During the panel they talked about how to handle social media. The main tips they gave when it comes to social media hatred was to have thick skin and to not care because you can not do anything about it most of the time. Another advice they gave was to always have chemistry in the work environment because there is no excuse to not be professional. Towards the end of the panel they encourage all the students to follow their passion.

“Find something you have a passion for, then find someone to pay you to do it,” Mark Boyle said.

Due to pre-game duties, the media panel came to a formal conclusion. This event included free tickets to the Knicks and Pacers game that night so the students had the options to stick around to watch both the Knicks and Pacers warm up or go out to eat around downtown.

Pacers panelists have discussion. Photo by- Natalie Lueung
Pacers panelists have discussion. Photo by Natalie Lueung