Guidance Blog: Summer school scheduling starts

Students should go to to register.

Luka Skudrzik, Copy Editor

Luka Skudrzik – As the school year comes to a close, students are faced with one last scheduling decision; should they take an online course.

“I think summer school can be a great supplement in a lot of ways,” guidance counselor Linda Brown said. “One, if you have taken a class and you didn’t get the grade that you were hoping for, or it didn’t go well, students can retake the class if they have below a C minus. It can also be used to take a course that you don’t have time to fit into your schedule.”

Summer school is run in agreement with Indiana Online Academy. It is all done online, but there is one live summer PE class held at HSE; it is currently full. The class has a waitlist, but there is a slim chance for anyone to get in.

Assistant principal Charles Hoover from HSE oversees summer school, so any major questions should be directed to him.

In order to be a part of these classes, students need to go to and register. After registering, your counselor will get an email to approve what you have applied for. After approval, you can then work on your class, and questions are directed towards the proctor of the class. The window to register closes the first week of June.

After working through the course, you can sign up for an exam which is held at HSE. Some students have vacation at those times, and will be able to reschedule finals for those classes, but must do so ASAP.
“I wouldn’t take it just to take it. Sometimes students feel like ‘oh I’ve got to take Gov. and Econ. in the summer and get it out of the way,’” Brown said. “So my question is ‘get it out of the way for what?’”

Students should go to to register.
Students should go to to register.