Music Department places well at state


Emma Russell– After placing well at regionals, FHS Winter Guard and Winter Percussion both continued on to state on March 21. After being cut at regionals the JV winter guard team did not continue on but the Varsity winter guard placed 7th in the IHSCGA state finals.

“We made a statement that day, we were there at Open Class and throughout the season we continued to prove that. We just really wanted to show [the judges] that, and I think we did with our placing,” freshman Megan Jessup said.

After their performance at regionals, the Open Ensemble, World Ensemble and Movement Ensembles all continued onto state. The Open Ensemble placed 7th with their show “When dreams awake” where the music tries to recreate a dream like state by using the marimbas in various speeds.

The World Concert Ensemble placed 2nd with their show titled “Zip it,” where members of the ensemble would actually zip various percussion instruments to each other via custom built zip lines attached to the marimbas, vibraphones and xylophones.

The Movement Ensemble placed  5th after having their returning season with their show “This is My Voice.”DSC_0028