History of April Fools Day is prevalent



Emily Baumgartner, Reporter

Emily Baumgartner– April 1 has been a globally known holiday for many generations. It can also be referred to as “All Fools day”, but most people just know it as April Fools Day. There is more than one theory as to how the day came about, and no one has the evidence to prove one more true than the other.

A popular Roman theory states that when Pope Gregory XIII replaced the old Julian calendar, New Years Eve changed from April 1 to Jan 1. Not everyone in the culture was informed of the switch, so those who continued to celebrate in April were referred as fools.

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“I like to participate in April Fools Day because I really enjoy how the day is light-hearted and it’s a good way to begin the spring season,” junior Justin Brooks said

Regardless of the way the day came about, April Fools Day is now perceived as a day of pranking.

“The best prank I pulled was when me and my sisters put a fake rattle snake in my dads bed. He actually thought it was real, so it was hilarious to see him jump and scream when he got into bed,” Brooks said.

What a disgusting party — perfect for April Fools' Day
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