Rookie softball head coach Aaron Woosley taking lessons learned into postseason


Dylan Hughes– As varsity softball’s regular season comes to a close, the team is preparing for their first ever postseason under rookie head coach Aaron Woosley.

In his first season, Woosley has led his varsity squad to a 13-4 record with four games still remaining before beginning their state tournament against Zionsville on May 25.

The Tigers have been a team of runs this season. They have had winning-streaks of four and seven, and dating back to April 16, have won 12 of 14 games.

Their record shows a successful season, but it did take the girls time to put the talent together.

“We are collectively a good group of athletes but it took us several weeks to really come together and support one another as a team. That may be due to a new coaching staff, the departure of a very talented senior class last year, or just the reality of high school softball. However, I will look for ways to shorten that time in the coming seasons,” Woosley said.

Like the players, the coaching staff needed time to learn each other, too.

“We each had ideas for drills, our own terminologies, our own philosophies on coaching, but we were able to work together as a team and maximize the impact we had by taking the best aspects of each and utilizing those talents. As a result we are coaching the varsity and JV teams together on the same fundamental skills and they are getting the same instruction so we maintain a cohesive level of instruction,” Woosley said.

This has been a season of learning all together for softball, but they have still been able to win, nonetheless. If they continue to do that in their final few regular season games, they will head into the postseason with some momentum.

Junior Bri Schnaiter throws a pitch against Southport on April 7. Taken by Maddie Morkal