Community Service Clubs Reach out to Underclassmen


Students gather in the LGI for Leaders 4 Fishers meeting Friday, Aug 21.

Claire Rosenthall, Reporter

FHS offers roughly 60 clubs that students are able to join throughout the year, from Pinterest Club to Model UN. Being new to the school, underclassmen might not know where to find what clubs they’re interested in, this is where club leaders try to get news out to the students about their club.

Many clubs, like ones in leadership roles, try to get everyone involved as much as they can all throughout the year. Sponsors of clubs have expressed the difficulty in getting underclassmen to join and or know what the club is about.

“I was able to briefly introduce clubs like Leaders 4 Fishers, Student Government, and more within my Tiger Fever group. Besides that we try to get most of our news out through social media since it is the way most people receive news today,” senior Jordan Brown, President of Leaders 4 Fishers said.

Social media is a way many clubs try to get themselves out there, letting people know what they do in their clubs and how to join. Students often times can get news about upcoming events through Remind 101 accounts and others, if set up by the club.

“Being a new sponsor to Interact Club, which involves community service, I mostly try to get most of the news out with social apps like Twitter and Instagram or in a word of mouth type situation” Sponsor Ka’Lean Cueavs said.

For many other community service based clubs, their goal is also to get people involved, just in a different approach like posters around the school or word of mouth.

“I am able to tell students about clubs throughout my teachings since big portions of my classes are freshmen,” Key Club Sponsor Leann Dixon said.

Leaders of clubs try to get all students involved to give the chance to experience new people and activities that can help contribute to our high school lives.

Students interested in joining clubs can go to the school announcements for upcoming dates or go to the school website which includes a list of the clubs and their sponsors.