Adding Funk into the school building


Jennifer Funk is part of the school’s Class of 2012 alumni. She now works full time at the school in CCA Lab 12B.

Linda Chang, Features Editor

The recently opened College and Career Center (CCA) houses new and old staff members of almost every age. New staff member Jennifer Funk works in the CCA Lab located in the upper H hallway. She is now one of the youngest staff members working full time at the school. On top of that, she is an alumni for the school after  graduating in 2012.

“Obviously I went here and graduated in 2012. I’m happy I get to see some of the old teachers I really liked    and work alongside with them,” Funk said.

After high school, Funk enrolled into Indiana University and majored in neuroscience. She is a pre-medical student and is going to graduate college in three years. She decided she was not ready to go to medical school a year early so she decided to work hands on this year. Funk saw this job opening and knew she had to take it.

“[This job] has been a really good opportunity to still be involved with science and labs,” Funk said.

Funk’s job requires her to prepare labs for classes and make sure everything is ready for them when they arrive. By having the materials set out when the class gets there allows the teacher to focus on teaching. After the class leaves, she cleans up the lab space and restarts the cycle.

“My favorite part of the day is when the lab is busy. I like to have stuff to do all the time so I love it when I have classes coming to the lab back to back,” Funk said. “When it’s not busy, I’m usually just sitting in this big lab room by myself.”

Funk also admires the new renovations at the school and notices the changes from when she was here.

“[The building] is really different from when I went here which is surprising. When I went here about 4 years ago, it was nice. Now the school is really nice,” Funk said. “I think the goal for the school was to make the building look and feel like a college and after had going to college, it really accomplishes the goal.”

In the future when Funk finishes medical school, she hopes to go into family medicine and set a foundation for the rest of her life.

To learn more information about Funk, stop into the CCA room 12b and say hello.

“I’m always here,” Funk said. “You’ll find me just hanging around in this big lab room.”