Nathan Sykes’ musical comeback

Nathan Sykes performs with previous band The Wanted. Photo Creds:

Nathan Sykes performs with previous band The Wanted. Photo Creds:

After being apart from “The Wanted” for a year, 22 year old Nathan Sykes has already begun his solo career with his new single “Kiss Me Quick.”

I was shocked when I found out that that “The Wanted” was on hiatus, but after hearing this new single I was impressed with how far the young singer has gone in such little time. Sykes was the youngest member of “The Wanted,” and joined after auditioning back in 2009 when he was 16.

After releasing, “Kiss Me Quick”  on July 5, 2015, the song climbed up the charts and is currently listed as Billboard’s number one Dance Club song, after being on the list since Aug. 22, 2015.

With an upbeat jazzy instrumental sound this song sounds like a newer modern revision to smooth jazz pieces from the 1920s and the Louis Armstrong time period. The high trumpet pitches and drum kit blend with Sykes deep R&B tones to give the song a pop jazz feel to the listener.

I personally enjoyed Sykes new hit, this song is constantly popping into my head and is stuck there for days. The lyrics are really catchy and the music has me dancing awkwardly down the hallway as I’m listening to the jazzy tunes during school.

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