Club Med introduces VA pharmacist


Shante Lapsley discussing her work field and every day life in the VA [Veterans Association]in Dr. Kuhn’s room on Dec.10.

Learning about new careers to go into for the medical field and figuring out what their certain jobs are, Club med introduced Shante Lapsley in Dr. Kuhn’s room H227 on Dec. 10 she works at the VA [Veterans Affairs] downtown. She is a pharmacist and talked about what she does, who she works with, and some of the things that she does.

“It helped me decide on a possible career path and learn more about the medical field,” sophomore Kenny Gyaltshen said.

During this meeting Lapsley told the students of Club med how long she stayed in school. As well as all of the exams that she took and different groups she worked with everyday. She introduced the students to new ways in which they could learn about what they would like to be. Lapels even gave the students references to learn more about the careers that they think they would like to do when getting older.

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