Leaving a cold shoulder to Coldplay’s new album



The cover of Coldplay’s new album “A Head Full of Dreams” released on Dec 4. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Mediocre rock is something Coldplay is known to be well at doing. It was not a surprise that Coldplay’s new album “A Head Full of Dreams,” which was released on Dec. 4 contains unoriginal tracks with no thought provoking meaning.

The title track on the album, is unimpressive. It includes basic pop beats and choruses of “woahs”. Although it is catchy and has a fun, there is nothing new or amazing about it.

“An Adventure of a Lifetime” has very repetitive lyrics and beats. It presents a lot of repeated ideas, of dreams, magic and love.

“Everglow” is a slow and boring song. Unlike some slower songs that have gotten popular like “Goner” by Twenty One Pilots or” by , which have very poetic lyrics with a meaning that gets the listener to be intrigued. Coldplay delivers none of this. The lyrics in the song “What I wouldn’t give for just a moment to hold.  / Yeah, I live for this feeling, this everglow. / So if you love someone, you should let them know. / Oh, the light that you left me will everglow.” sounds like something written by an eighth grader and the lyrics seems like they’ve been written before by the band.

The songs include plenty of similarities, showing Coldplay has barely evolved since “Viva La Vida” released in 2006. This is rather disappointing, unlike other rock acts like “Green Day”, “Fall Out Boy”, “Muse” and “Panic! at the Disco” who have changed their sound to keep up with the times, Coldplay is still stuck in 2006, a time most listeners have long forgotten about.

The album has generated mainly positive reviews from people do not know what decent music is.

Thankfully, this is most likely Coldplay’s last studio album according to frontman Chris Martin. Radio listeners will not have to deal with anymore boring pop rock music.

Coldplay’s website is here