Style can influence motivation and work ethic in school with students


Sophomores Morgan Benson and Claire Kemp on Dec. 3 during lunch wearing stylish clothes

As the school year draws to a close, the motivation to keep working lessens and the motivation to keep a cute style or look becomes even harder to obtain.

According to, dressing casually could cause a worker or student to feel less focused and alert. A study done by  Dr. Karen Pine, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, says that alertness is affected by environment and attire.

“I definitely feel more motivated and confident when I wear nicer clothes to school,” sophomore Morgan Benson said, “I just like to dress up and feel comfortable.”

The theory by Dr. Pine supports the notion that people would stay more focused at work or school when wearing “work clothes”. The study shows that many people who wear their casual clothes in the work space have a hard time distinguishing between their ‘work’ and ‘not work’ selves.

“I do not like to wear sweats or dress down for school, even if I’m wearing leggings and a cheer shirt I still like to make it cute,” sophomore Claire Kemp said.

Dr. Pine says that an article of clothing that is worn often begins to develop a certain characteristics. So, if a pair of jeans is worn often on the weekends when relaxing and is then worn at work or at school, it is possible to take on that feeling of relaxation or demotivation from doing work.

With finals week approaching, motivation and focus are key qualities to have when studying or taking a test. With this study in mind, dressing nicer these upcoming weeks  may be the way to go.