Students come together to throw dodgeballs



Dodgeball club borrows balls like these from the gym classes. The club’s admission fee is to pay for any balls that may be broken. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Dodgeballs fly across the gym as a variety of kids shout and run to avoid being hit. As one boy hits his target, his friends cheer and congratulate him.

Dodgeball club meets every other Friday from about 6:30 to 8:00 in the aux gym. Meeting dates may vary, but anyone who wants to participate can talk to Lee Banitt in room B217.

“It’s very low-key and open to everybody. The people who’ve been coming are really encouraging and supportive of others. We have all types of kids that get out and have exercise and a good time. It’s a really supportive environment,” club sponsor Lee Banitt said.

Normally the club gets about 30 participants that divide into four teams.

“We have a pretty good turnout, one night last semester we had about 50 kids. If we had more dodgeballs we would’ve made six teams,” Banitt said.

Participants must have a waver signed by a parent and pay a one-time, $1 participation fee. The fee is to pay for any dodgeballs that the club may accidentally break; Banitt donates any extra money to Riley Children’s Hospital.