Deadpool leaves audience dying of laughter


Ryan Reynolds is starring as the lead role of Deadpool in the recent film. Photo used with permission of MCT Campus

Emma Russell, Copy Editor

Battles, action and laugh out loud moments can only lead to one movie, Deadpool. This movie constantly left the audience on their toes while keeping them pleasantly satisfied with the humorous dialogue throughout the characters.

This movie has been under the radar for 11 years. Main star Ryan Reynolds loved the  comics so much, he wanted to make it into a movie so he teamed up with the writers of “Zombieland,” and the creator of the original comics Rob Liefeld but after years of hard work, advertising and fan appreciation at the last minute it was swept under the rug. Until one of the four of them “accidentally” released a short teaser to get more hype from fans, they eventually ended up getting all of the funding.

The movie follows Deapool, Reynolds, as he hunts down a man named Ajax “Francis.” The humor throughout the film constantly referenced the creators budget for the film and many other analogies, such as the Ferris Buller reference at the end of the credits.

Deadpool first aired in theaters on Feb. 12, and is in select theaters. Warning though this movie is rated R so you will need ID and will either need to be 17 or older or need an adult present with you.