Girls swim to 10th at state


Junior Lauren Edelman swims vs. Greenfield-Contral High School on Jan. 23. Photo by Audree Logan and Liza Fortoto.

Haley Thomas, Reporter

Girls swimming and diving team finished their season in 10th place on Feb. 13 at the IHSAA State Championships in the Indiana University natatorium.

“It was really pumped, everyone was having a blast and the girls swam awesome,” freshman Zoe Luckie said.

Junior Lauryn Parrish finished 4th in the 200 freestyle and 6th in the 100 free. Junior Lauren Edelman placed 6th in the 200 yard individual medley (IM) and the 100 breaststroke.

Senior Maggie Jahns finished her last high school season in 5th in the 200 yard IM and 7th in the 100 yard backstroke, and Senior Elisabeth Peskin placed 12th in the 500 free.

Controversy arose when an official disqualified a FHS relay team for starting too early, a call many swimmers found questionable. Parrish’s father, Shawn Parrish, tweeted about the event on Feb 14.

“The official has a good look at the hand on wall & 2 feet on blocks, clearly not DQ, kids deserve better #BFair2All,” Parrish’s tweet said.

Luckie believes the team prospered in spite of this disqualification.

“Everyone was bummed about it but they did their best and everyone brought themselves back up,” Luckie said.