Indiana representative Susan Brooks discusses homeland security


Susan Brooks and members of We the People discuss their upcoming nationals competition on Sat. Jan 23.

Making sure Americans are secure is a very important job of the government. Especially with the threats from ISIS and other terrorist groups. Congresswoman Susan Brooks attended a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) meeting on the subject on Sat. Jan. 23. and discussed the matters of Homeland Security and other concerns facing Americans today.

“We know that national security concerns and terrorism is actually on top of mind, the top priority in this upcoming election season for citizens, so I want to make sure that young people are engaged in this as well,” Congresswoman Susan Brooks said.

The YAG meeting informed young people about these issues by bringing in FBI agent Abott. Abott talked about the importance of youth being aware of terrorism. The group did an activity where they discussed targeted questions about terrorism and possible threats, some students were concerned with safety of their schools and some were concerned on higher level threats, like ISIS.

“We need to ensure that people aren’t afraid [of terrorism] and we go about living our lives but we must be smarter about it, we have to understand it, we have to know how to prevent it and that is why I wanted young people to come together and hear from the FBI [about terrorism],” Brooks said.

Members of We the People also attended the event to hear Brooks speak.

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