Weather postpones Wintertainment causing frustration


Senior Jake Jensen performs the guitar at Wintertainment 2015. Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks.

Wintertainment, the school’s talent show was scheduled for Wednesday, February 24 but due to impending weather conditions, the show was postponed until Monday, March 16. This delay has created many difficulties.

The expected weather called for unsafe road conditions, and the district administrations board was unsure if people would be able to travel in order to make it for the show. However, as the night went on, the dangerous weather never arrived, making the cancellation frustrating for the students involved.

“None of the performers were expecting this to happen so now this puts a dent into all the practice. What were hoping for now is to draw a larger crowd,” sophomore Annie Wolfert said.

Not only did it affect performers but the cancellation of the event put a dent in the money that was going to be raised by the Riley Dance Marathon Committee members who were going to collect donations outside the show before and during intermission.

The show will now be on Monday, March 16. To see more upcoming events, click here.