Winter One Acts bring a smile to audience’s faces


New Year new Winter one acts

Tori Zainey

Winter one acts come around once year every year. The winter one acts are given to anyone to create and an to perform for an audience . These plays are run and directed by Lynn Pratt, Emma Rund, Mackenzie VanTassel.

When auditions are over the the judges pick three plays that are different. Last year Haley Claeson and Isabella Hartselle were the directors and the the One acts were done by the theatre ¾ class. It gave the class time to work on their productions.

The difference between last years shows and this years is, that the students have to have after school practices to be ready for their busy performance nights.

“We chose a theme of our plays based on an aspect of them that was prominent and we really enjoyed. We selected our theme that was best shared with all the One acts,” senior Mackenzie VanTassel said.

On show nights, Thursday and Friday are both crowded but Fridays are always more busy. The crowd displays a unique energy that excites the performers.

“We are supposed to entertain the audience and make them smile and laugh,” Vantassel said.