SAT prep classes prepare students for taking the big test


Seniors Connor Mougeotte and Josiah Lillestrand in the CCA as they study for their standardized test. Photo credit Bri Morkal

Standardized tests are a necessity for getting into college. Tests such as the SAT, ACT and PSAT and how well a student scores on the test determines which colleges will accept them and what scholarships they can apply for.

“Some folks look at standardized testing as this necessary evil. You have to do it to get into college. I do not see it that way. I see it as an opportunity to earn scholarship money,” English teacher Phillip Albonetti said.

Albonetti will be teaching an SAT prep class for students who want to get study tools. Sign up sheets can be found in room A208 and students can talk to him as well. The cost for this class is 100 dollars and the money must be turned in by March 31. This class will focus on the May 7 SAT.

“We have a new SAT this year so we will answer the new types of questions and do a fair number of practice tests in order to get used to taking the test. The main goal is really to help students do the best that they possibly can. I also want it to be at least somewhat fun. I am going to try to set it up to where students are invested in it,” Albonetti said.

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