Students stay silent to make statement


Senior Sam Myers participates in Day of Silence to demonstrate for the LGBT community.

Forty one students stayed silent April 15 to protest the unequal treatment of the LGBT+ community. Participation was part of an international movement organized by Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. 

“It’s to demonstrate the silencing that the LGBT community has gone through throughout history. Through day of silence we can kind of show people that is still here still being silenced and we don’t want to remain silent. While we might be silent, we’re trying to convey the importance of speaking,” equality alliance club president senior Dorian Thompson said.

In order to participate, students had to write a short essay on why they wanted to be involved.

Equality alliance, a club that focuses on the LGBT+ community, helped organize the event.

“[Day of Silence] is to raise awareness that the LGBT+ community does not have full equality in the United States and around the world.  Secondly, it’s to give FHS students an opportunity to protest peacefully/silently the fact that the LGBT+ community does not have full equality and to show people in a visible way what it is like to be silenced by mainstream society,” equality alliance sponsor Renee Vanlandingham said.