Gender Sexuality Alliance still going strong


The GSA sits in a large circle where everyone can feel comfortable to talk during their meeting on Sept 21. Photo by Jason Nguyen.

Lia Benvenutti , In-Depth Editor

Everyday on the news, topics appear involving gay rights within the government, sexuality-related hate crimes or even the transgender bathroom debate. These issues all being similar in their involvement in the LGBT community sent students at this school to action.

The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) club has existed here for many years and has had a few name changes as the people and situations have diversified.

“Previously the name GSA stood for Gay-Straight Alliance but we didn’t think that was inclusive enough for the LGBT community so we made the switch to the more generic Equality Alliance, senior Lia Haza said.

This year, the club made the jump from the name “Equality Alliance” back to GSA.

“GSA recently changed it so their acronym now means Gender Sexuality Alliance and we thought that that was much more fitting and a lot more recognizable to others,” Haza said.

The club stands for and advocates for the same ideals of equality just as much as years previous but the name change focuses the group more on the issues they discuss, gender, sexuality and equality.