German students welcome October by sharing their language


Sophomore Arianna Wityshyn assists fair goer with the outdoor games on Sept. 24 2016. Photo by Helen Rummel.

Helen Rummel , Reporter

On Saturday, September 24, people flocked to the Fishers Oktoberfest for an immersion in German culture and to enjoy the plethora of art vendors. The festival was set up in Whitten Park at Saxony, and was sponsored by the Fishers Freedom Festival and Freedom Mortgage. German club gathered a group of students to help the community learn more about their language and the culture of Germany.

Many of the students volunteered at the club stand that was set up to answer the public’s questions, and others helped outdoors.

“My favorite part is playing games with the kids,” freshman Grace Pittsley said.

Students and teachers of the language headed into the fest with a purpose: they planned to show how simple learning German can be.

“[German] has the impression of being difficult. We try to counter that impression,” German teacher Robin Geisinger said.

The students had set up a board filled with pictures of items with names that are cognates. This means that the words sound similar in both German and English, such as apple and apfel.

Though kids of young age have yet to decide whether they want to take a language, they get the opportunity to see German in a different way that can promote the desire to learn it in school.