Kicking off the year with school spirit


Senior Brooke Casebolt dresses as Thomas Jefferson for America day last year.

Sawyer Osmun, Reporter

Kicking off the first spirit week of school, students are welcome to participate in these spirit days for the week of Sept. 12 to the 16:

  • Monday- Pajama Day
  • Tuesday- Character Day
  • Wednesday- Parent Day
  • Thursday- Color Block Day
  • Friday- “Red Out” Day

Parent Day is a new spirit day. Students can participate by dressing up as their parent. Pajama Day was used as a spirit day last year, so the Student Government members have chosen to repeat this spirit day.

“I am most excited for Parent Day on Wednesday because we have never done it before,” senior Student Government member Tyler Grace said. “I feel like the students really had a lot of say in creating the spirit days this year, so it makes it special.”

Student Government representatives and class officers vote on the spirit days at the meetings held on Thursday mornings. The spirit days with the most student votes were chosen for the homecoming spirit week.

Other spirit days that could have been chosen were California/Surfer Day, Space Day, Decades Day, Jersey Day, Mix-Match Day or Backwards Day.

“If I could change one of the spirit days, it would be PJ Day because it is overused and I would change it with Decades Day or something else more involved,” Grace said. “[For future homecoming spirit days] I would really like to see us try and do a Celebrity Day, or something like that where we could dress up as famous people.”