Students experience the art of volunteering


Junior Ashley Steffen introduces future plans for Interact club as well how it works on Aug. 24 at H107. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza

Carolina Puga-Mendoza, Reporter

Interact or Key Club? When it comes to volunteering both of them are great ways to get involved in the community. The points given by these clubs count towards college volunteer hours, service hours for NHS as well as the opportunity to serve others.

“The club was established to help students find opportunities to volunteer in the school and around the community,” Interact club sponsor Lauren Glasco said.

The only difference, are the sponsors for each club. Key club is sponsored by Kiwanis and Interact Club is sponsored by Rotary.

Volunteer locations vary between these two clubs.  Interact club works within the school, home retirements, elementary schools, library events between others.

“We brainstorm lots of different volunteer activities. I know that in the past the club has worked with meals on wheels and nursing homes,” Glasco said. “We have worked within the school as well, so we work with Leaders for Fishers and student government. We help to serve the school community as well.”

Key club gets notified by outside organizations to request help from the students, this way the club’s sponsor Leann Dixon gives the information to the students. They participate in school carnivals, Conner Prairie events, the annual Cancer Gala, and Riley fundraising.

“One benefit is just the idea of do something great for other people,” Dixon said. “The extended benefits can be used as a college reference, college essay, to put it into the resume for a job.”

Both sponsors recommended for students to join in early grades for better experiences as well time management.

“If you join as a junior or senior it’s almost too late to get those experiences and build that resume through Key Club,” Dixon said. “If you start at freshman or sophomore year, you can get it into your schedule before it gets too busy with work.”