Tigers face multiple challenges during homecoming game


Fishers and Brownsburg face off on the line of scrimmage at FHS on Sept. 16 2016. Photo by Taylor Wagner.

Taylor Wagner, Reporter

The varsity football team took a tough loss against Brownsburg High School on Friday September 16, 2016.

The first quarter of the game was off to a slow start, Tigers tying  Brownsburg 0-0. At the beginning of the second quarter, FHS was the first to put points on the board with a field goal by Ben Norton.

Big plays were made by both teams throughout the rest of the second quarter, but Brownsburg fumbled the ball with #94 Jake Lingle getting the recovery. With only 10 seconds left in quarter two, Joel Smyth passed the ball to Collin Statz making a touchdown. The second quarter ended with Tigers up 10-0.

“We are doing really well so far and playing good defense, if we keep holding out like this and pushing Brownsburg back, we should be able to win the game,” senior linebacker Salsabil Khan said at halftime.

Brownsburg managed to get points on the board with a touchdown by Eli Johnson with seven minutes left in the third quarter. Tigers persevered with tackles by Eli Kipp, Michael Nettleton, Angelo Howze and Jake Winkle. The Bulldogs still prevailed with another touchdown near the end of the fourth quarter putting Brownsburg 14 and Tigers 10.

A last minute play was made by Smyth with an incomplete pass to wide receiver, #9, RJ Potts due to a sack from Brownsburg. With only two minutes left in the fourth, the Tigers unsuccessfully attempted to make a touchdown ending the game with Brownsburg 14 Tigers 10.

“Brownsburg is a great team, with a number one quarterback in the nation so the fact that we only lost by four shows how hard our team played,” junior Jacob Steiner said. “Our offense has a lot of injuries and that shows, but we are getting better every week.”

Tigers travel to Avon Sept. 23. Avon’s current record is 2-3.