French club attends events outside of the school


Students from French Club before the play at the Indianapolis Repertory theater on Oct. 8. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza

Carolina Puga Mendoza, Reporter

Bonjour! The french club visited its first theater show of the school year. On Oct. 8, 19 students attended “The Three Musketeers” spectacle. The play was held at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, one of the top-tier cultural institutions in the state as the theater’s official page stated.

“I think the students who went on the trip are students who probably like theater, so it’s a chance to go to probably the most respected theater in the state,” french teacher Jessica Geisinger said.

French teachers try to meet standard eight of the ‘Indiana State Foreign Language’ standards, and that includes using french for personal enjoyment and outside of the classroom.

“I was surprised myself that students seem so attentive and interested in the play. I wondered before if any students found it boring but that does not seem to be the case,” Geisinger said.

Geisinger often gets a flyer every year from the Indianapolis Repertory theater with the shows of the year. The plays for french club are often affordable, set in France or written by a french author.

“Every year when a group is here from france, I try to attend the play; so I’m on their main list,” Geisinger said.

For more information about French club or future activities, students may contact Geisinger at [email protected] Also, for more information about The Three Musketeers play click here.